Transforming medical nutrition with bespoke, disease-specific meal plans, snacks and ready-to-cook foods making healthful eating convenient and accessible.

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In the event of any alterations to your symptoms or dietary needs as recommended by your physician, kindly inform us or upload the latest medical reports to our dashboard in order for us to adapt your diet plan in accordance with your current health status.

Disease-specific meals are simply ingredients or foods that have been scientifically proven to treat, help, or avoid certain ailments and may help to balance imbalanced bio-values.

For instance : Feeling Acidity ?


Cantaloupe's cooling properties, high water content and magnesium content can have an alkalizing effect once metabolized in the body by maintaining the mucous membrane.

The appointed personal dietician monitors your current symptoms or recent reports and modifies your meals accordingly.

We customize liquid or semi-solid meals to your specific symptoms and medical reports, considering your preferred foods. Our meals are designed to be easy to ingest even when you're experiencing loss of appetite, ensuring that you receive the necessary sustenance to aid in your recovery.

  • Step 1 : Disease-specialist dietician
  • Step 2 : Counselling
  • Step 3 : Doctor-Dietician verification
  • Step 4 : Personalised diet chart
  • Step 5 : Meals right to your door

The convalescence period refers to the time from the onset of an illness to complete recovery. We offer a subscription program that is specifically tailored to the convalescence period, providing patients with adequate nourishment during their recuperation.


  1. Breakfast & Mid Meal - 06:30 to0 8:00 AM
  2. Lunch & Evening Snacks - 12:00 to 01:30 PM
  3. Dinner & Bed Meal - 05:30 to 07:30 PM

FULL DAY MEALS - ₹600 + 45 delivery charges

Breakup charges

  1. Break Fast & Mid Meal - 200 + 15 delivery
  2. Lunch & Snacks - 250 + 15 delivery
  3. Dinner & Bed Meal - 250 + 15 delivery

    ✅Food-grade packaging


    ✅FDA approved food contact plastic

    ✅Oven safe

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Deepika Shetty


I recently tried the customized meals and diet food for weight loss provided by Hypothalamus, and I have been blown away by the results..

Dr Varsha


That's great 5, Both are diabetic 5, My HbA1C also has reduced from...

Meera Subbu


Hi Ms nirali.. I thank you for the diet plan and the diet food you sent me,it was of great help, my hbalc reduced from 7.310 6.9,I feel energetic and don't sweat, like I did before.



Hi i am sadashiv s rao. I am in my 4th week of taking Hypothalamus diet. I am feeling much healthier than before. My sugar levels which were at 200 has come down to 110.



We were advised diet from Hypothalamus by our doctor under whom my father-in-law was admitted at Shantiniketan Hospital in Ghatkopar west.

Kapil Madhu


I can not fault the food at this place! The service is always amazing, and they have a huge selection to choose from.l am having meals from hypothalamus from past 10-12 days after my surgery is done.

Rochelle D'mello


So i opted to go with meals through Hypothalamus post my surgery. | did like the portion size of the meals and the packaging. Customisation and Quality of meals can definitely be worked on.


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